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The National Consensus for School Health Education builds on decades of collaboration among leading national health education organizations in the United States. The Consensus develops model guidance and other resources for educators interested in quality school health education within the framework of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model. Specific resources/products are currently available.

National Health Education Standards: Model Guidance for Curriculum and Instruction

National Health Education Standards: Model Guidance for Curriculum and Instruction 3RD Edition

In order for the standards to be usable in a variety of ways, both digital and print versions are made available. It is important that there is no-cost access and use for the field and for the public with attribution.  Therefore these standards are easily accessed for free. A digital PDF is available for download. Use the DOWNLOAD button to download and print the document yourself.

Additionally, people may prefer to purchase a printed document. A full color booklet with a spiral binding is available. Use the ORDER button to buy a copy and have it shipped to you.

Teaching Standards-Based Health Education

Teaching Standards-Based Health Education is a document created by NCSHE for the purposes of both professional development of teachers currently teaching and for pre service purposes. The introductory section provides process for teaching health skills using a template for creating skills-based lessons. A blank version of the template is included. After the introductory section, each skill standard (standards 2 through 8) is addressed. Scenarios and specific lesson examples are provided for elementary, middle school, and high school. This helps illustrate the unique aspects of each of the skill standards. Finally an appendix that includes the Healthy Behavior Outcomes (HBOs) is included at the back.

The booklet is 42 pages and can be downloaded or purchased.

Teaching Health Skills Presentation

This presentation is a generic version of a presentation made at the SOPHE conference in 2023. Slides can be added or deleted to customize your presentation. Three different formats are available to download for free.

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