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National Health Education Standards

Model Guidance for Curriculum and Instruction

Collaborative Leadership

The National Consensus for School Health Education builds on decades of collaboration among leading national health education organizations in the United States. The Consensus develops model guidance and other resources for educators interested in quality school health education within the framework of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model. Our products are available for use without cost (with attribution).

The Collaborative

American School Health Association

The Standards

In the United States, local school districts and state education agencies have the authority to develop their own standards for health education curriculum and instruction. The National Consensus respects those responsibilities. We provide model guidance for their consideration that is based on the best contemporary evidence and practice from the field of health education. We encourage modifications to address local needs.

The Professionals

The National Consensus involves health education leaders from throughout the United States. These leaders include K-12 health teachers, local school district curriculum directors, state education agency health education directors, national nongovernmental organization leadership, curriculum developers, academicians in health education including teacher educators and higher education management, and other experts in education and public health.

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