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The Professionals

The National Consensus involves health education leaders from throughout the United States. These leaders include K-12 health teachers, local school district curriculum directors, state education agency health education directors, national nongovernmental organization leadership, curriculum developers, academicians in health education including teacher educators and higher education management, and other experts in education and public health.

The National Consensus is comprised of three key groups:

The Management Group

The Management Group, with representatives from each of the six founding organizations, shares collaborative decision making on all aspects of the initiative. Member representatives are the president (or designee) and executive director of each organization. We strive for consensus, though in the unusual occurrence when a vote is necessary, each organization holds one vote. The Foundation for the Advancement of Health Education serves as the convening organization.

The Development Group

The Development Group is comprised of over 20 experts in school health education from throughout the United States. This group was selected by the Management Group for its expertise, leadership, and previous experience with standards development, using multiple factors for diverse representation. The Development Group drafts products that focus on what students and out-of-school youth need to know and be able to do to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle and to succeed in school. Their work is driven by contemporary evidence and practical experience. Leaders of the Development Group were also leaders during the 1995 National Health Education Standards development process and its subsequent revision in 2007.

The Expert Review Group

The Expert Review Group, which currently includes over 50 members with deep expertise in school health education and related fields. Members include classroom teachers, local school district- and state-level health education directors, curriculum developers, teacher educators, and researchers as well as additional experts in the health education field. These experts provide comments to the Development Group as their work progresses. They are also called upon by the Development Group to consult from time to time.

The National Consensus also engages all other health education professionals in the field at large. These professionals are invited to provide comments on draft products developed by the National Consensus. During the most recent field review process, 516 unique individuals provided comments.

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